Weekend house with spiral stairs that lead to an amazing rooftop deck


This modern weekend 3,260square foot house in Asia, Peru designed by Jorge Marsino Prado was inspired by Le Corbusier’s Maison Domino. The building principles for the little semi separated part of 15×8 meters amidst a simulated desert spring, just permitted the development of single story private residence with floor to ceiling windows that reveal the home’s most interesting architectural element: a bright white spiral stairs leading to an amazing rooftop terrace with  plenty space for socializing and dining. A rooftop lounge provides the perfect refuge from the warm Peruvian sun in this modern villa and offers views of the beauty of Peru’s desert landscape between the Isle of Asia and the coastal foothills of the Andes.

This house is built for seasonal vacations for family and guests, needed outdoor entertainment areas for the summer and a high level of privacy in the winter. Looks simple and have very natural environment, suitable for everyone who like a cool environment and green grass add to the value of the luxuries of home.

The home has an open interior floor plan, where a dining room, kitchen, and living room, share space without extra walls cluttering the view. It’s tough to imagine this dining area gets much use, though, with the spacious roof deck above. The bedroom, with a wooden feature wall and floor to ceiling windows, has views of the surrounding landscape. Wooden panels on the main level double as window shutters, completely hiding the first level when needed.

“The rational expression of the structure of iron columns, beams and concrete slabs is balanced with the organic expression of the spiral staircase,” the architects said.












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