A Nearly Net-Zero Underground Mansion


Perdu is an innovative, luxury, underground home built located in Manchester, England that boasts multiple eco-friendly features. Designed by architect James Bell, the underground two-story home, sits beneath the grounds of Bowdon in Manchester.
The house is hidden underneath a large lot with a beautiful garden and fountain at the center. The underground home is accessed through a “classical garden folly,” – a private garden.

A flight of stairs leads down to the first level that comprises the main living space including the kitchen, dining room, dressing room and en-suite bedrooms.

A second staircase also provides access to the second level, but more adventurous types can choose instead to take a waterslide from the master bedroom above directly down to a spacious swimming pool fed by wall of water. This lower leisure area also includes a pool bar, changing room, gym, and two extra bedrooms with dressing closets.

The innovative Perdu house also purports to incorporate the highest standards in renewable design to achieve nearly net-zero energy.

Being built underground, the home’s inherent nature of insulation makes it easy to heat in winter, and cool in summer.




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