The Airpoirt Hospital – Can Misses Hospital, new tipology for hospitals.


Can Misses Hospital conveys a new generation of healthcare buildings based on curative architecture while introduces a new typology of hospitals: airport hospitals, developed by LVA – Luis Vidal + Architects. They had added stripes of photo luminescent paint to the facades of Ibiza’s only public hospital.

To satisfy a rapidly growing population, the only public hospital on Ibiza needed upgrading, expanding and modernizing with the circumstance that the existing premises needed to remain fully operational during the extension works, which required careful planning.

The 45,000-square-metre extension has more than doubled the size of the hospital, with seven new buildings at the edge of the site and a 165-metre-long building in the middle to link them together like a spine. The street-facing facades of the new patient wings are now covered in perforated aluminium, with orange and yellow stripes to reference the tones of the island’s urban landscape.

The central linking building is clad in black ceramic recyclable panels. It is also raised on V-shaped stilts where the ground slopes down, in order to maintain a flat floor level inside.

Sunlight is highly present throughout, with bright colors, and also additional windows are added wherever is possible to bring in more natural light, therapeutic gardens and courtyards are dotted around the buildings to offer patients a better connection with the outdoors, sound dampening materials, and the texture of the building itself. Planned with sustainable energy criteria, vegetation is spatially introduced  into the hospital, as well as ventilation.

The blues and oranges used on the exterior were repeated inside to create visual connections between the public spaces. These colours are  making  the interior feel more friendly where also hasvinyl flooring and phenolic panels for the walls.













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