British Columbia Waterfront Home


Latest project by award-winning Canadian architect Keith Baker (KB Design) is placed on the outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia. The plan of the waterfront home around it would be great. The entire body structure is distributed in outdoor living house plan.

The building is planning to be made with using of stone, steel, wood and glass. Ocean and forests have inspired this natural home by using natural materials at home visible through large windows and many outdoor entertainment areas of housing,

Outside everything will be modern, but simple. The covers come with a terrace overlooking the sea front making a private piece of paradise.

Large windows provide the interior with sunlight, adding extra heat to the cherry wood everywhere. Exposed wooden posts and beams add a touch of elegant country house which is presented by a piece of furniture in every room

Here, however, unusual to be both outside and inside of the Waterfront House Plans. This luxury British Columbia Waterfront Home interpreted inside and outside in one large big amazing space for living. However, you can see the pictures below and become familiar with the project.






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