Chemists’ House in Sofia


Branimira and Desislava Ivanova, with their firm Brani & Desi  were hired by two Bulgarian chemists to remake their Chemist house in Sofia as a paean to expressionist art. They organized 2,400 square foot of the house in white shell with anarchistic fervor, conjuring a multicolored riot of asymmetrical shapes and sharp angles, in latex paint, across the ceilings, the walls, and the epoxy floors.

The designers explore the effects of geometry and color and their ability to provoke emotions.The project called “Life in expressionism”, used forms and colors that evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of confidence, enjoyment and creativity.

In this house there are many colors. The living room is the main space for relaxation and conversation. How green is the most comfortable to the human eye, the designers have used several shades. Red color is to balance them, supplied primarily by textiles. There is also white color in pause between shapes and bright colors. Mirrors, reflections of glass and carefully selected furniture added complexity of the design of the entire space.

The kitchen is bright and accented with red and orange color that give energy. Orange is the color of creativity, and red stimulates the appetite and gives me strength. The appliances are of stainless steel. Over the island there is lighting with a three chrome domes. Dining room in which can accommodate eight people, thanks to the use of blue and green, causes the visitors feel calm and relaxed. To rich the bedrooms you have to go by the staircase in the living room. The room is divided into several zones, where they can sleep, work, and blue, purple and yellow colors creating a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.

“Certain colors have an affinity for certain forms,” Desislava Ivanova says, citing Wassily Kandinsky’s theory of correlation. “We combine for impact on the soul.”










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