Cinco Jotas Restorant – Highlight the importance of hams


The prestigious family business Osborne has entrusted reform Cinco Jotas Restaurant located in the Salamanca district of Madrid, with the challenge of transmitting the passion for tasting and cooking ham. The essence and values of the brand through attention to detail in interior designing timeless spaces that recall natural elements of the landscape of Jabugo promoting craftsmanship, authenticity and value of origins spreads.

This restaurant welcomes guests through a terrace with a pergola made with natural concocted strings of different densities that filter light and create a natural and sustainable environment reminiscent sheds Hurdle peoples.

It is set in a four-story building with a configuration of small spaces, so the priority has been to order the spaces keeping the ground floor and bar area, the middle floor as a restaurant and the top floor as an open restaurant outside and bartending to enhance the atmosphere in the evenings. Using fine materials and designing elements such as a floating roof made of wood die cut walnut acorn shaped filtering light simulating the feeling that the client sits under the oaks of Dehesas where the pigs are bred pure Iberian breed is evoked.

On the first floor, benches upholstered in leather clothing around the room wooden tables with reliefs recorded the fire with frames designed by Graphic Design Team Run. Upstairs, a glass roof provides more height to the space turning it into an open outdoor terrace, covered by a network of natural strings reminiscent Hurdles entries Andalusian villages.

Behind this, they highlight the exposure of hams hanging on a wall tile manual white with the design of a hanging brass acorn shaped highlight the importance of hams that hang like unique pieces. Reclaimed oak wood for covering the remaining walls and give comfort to the room.. On wood accompanies a sculpture made with the silhouette of a herd of Iberian pigs made of iron plate.










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