Colorful Singapore School like a rainbow colored lollipop stick


The Studio505 and LT&T collaborated on the design of the Nanyang Primary School and Kindergarten in Singapore, and provide an inclusive environment for kids of all ages.

They design the new extension to the existing building around a large public Valley, open to the sky but away from the streets that are surrounding the school. The team aligned the building parallel to the hilltop slope and perpendicular to Coronation Road.

This colorful school in Singapore looks like it’s made of giant rainbow colored lollipop sticks. Every colour always appears in a group of colours, highlighting that this is a communal valley.

The visitor cannot see the valley’s entire by entering from the public street level, it curves around a strategically placed bend at the centre where is located a large staircase. It provides access to the hilltop and the classrooms and integrat a small amphitheater space for outdoor activities. The exposed yellow columns support the link bridges, and provide easy connections between the two parallel wings of the classrooms.

The inside of the classrooms are typically calm with white walls and ceilings,  letting the children focus during class time. The classroom door is the only internal coloured element, leading children out into the rich external world of coloured horizontal stripes.

The building’s colorful volumes are forming a generous multilevel internal courtyard.

A covered outdoor play area for the kindergarten is created by a large 2 storey high indent into the valleys side wall. All circulation is open to the air and orientated towards the internal valley. The walkways are covered. This is technically achieved through low cost budget application of emulsion paint on profiled precast concrete spandrels with coloured shading shelves providing protection against sun and wind driven rain.

From the architect: Our aim was to create a highly inspirational communal space, designed to showcase active, uninhibited free thinking and bringing joy and excitement equally to children and to the child within the teacher. A space from which everywhere is possible…








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