El Mirador House


The residence named El Mirador House is located on the 95-hectare El Eterno estate in Valle de Bravo with 459 square meters, on one corner of Lake Avándaro, approximately 150 kilometres southwest of Mexico City. CC Arquitectos designed the house so that its living areas are sunken down below the level of a road at the back of a plot. This means only the wooden shelter is visible from higher ground. El Mirador House was designed with maximum respect for the forest where it is located, anchored to its topography and reducing the constructive impact.

The architectural structure of the house opens to nature and offers a stunning panoramic view of the calm nature around it. In this way the interior and exterior subtly merged and become a unified whole. The structure is a combination of elements in steel and wood and retaining walls are made of local stone. The interior walls are made of white oak that gives a touch of warmth to the spaces.
The house has a large family room that connects with the outside, expanding the social area to the main terrace. It has a bedroom and bathroom dressing. The kitchen has a large bar and preparation area. In the main entrance has a poll with water that ends in a trough for horses.El Mirador House is actually buried in order to protect its inhabitants from the valley’s cold climates. Even the cars are hidden within the structure once parked.











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