Very often staircase is in central position in contemporary, minimalistic interiors. It’s heart of house which keeps all spaces together. There are many designs of staircases but floating stairs are the most delicate, because they are breaking continuation compared with traditional types. Stairs are not connected between them but they are treated as individual pieces. They are not put in frame but emit picture like they are free floated elements in space and they tend to seems like they are unsafe. In contrary, those types of stairs are well anchored in to the wall and are very safe. Only children may have a little problem walking on floating stairs.

Floating staircases can be made from a different type of materials. Usually they are made from wood but you can find them also from glass or steel. The most interesting and exciting are the ones made of glass.  You have feeling that you are stepping in to the air, feeling received from their transparency.

Very often you could find them made from same material like wall, for example from stone. In that case they are look like are growing from that wall.

Floating stairs very often have hand rail or they are put between two walls for security, but bravest can decide to have it without security elements beside them.

Floating staircases are very important part of home décor so you can find also stairs with lights bellow giving a warm and cozy atmosphere in interior.

A unique floating staircase will take your home to the next level. Feel free to look at these elegant, beautifully designed staircases. Be sure that you will want to have them in your home.
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