IKC – Integral Kids Centre in Amsterdam – A Rust Red Honeycomb


An IKC is an integral kids centre and it offers a place for kids from 0 until 12 and for their parents. Besides the school the building also accommodates a childcare centre and a parents room.

The center is designed by Moke Architekten and located in the up and coming northern part of Amsterdam. It boasts a crenelated shed roof and a double prefabricated concrete facade in bright red with a textured surface, whose long side facade calls to mind a larger than life honeycomb. The façades here are clad with vertical wooden slats combined with sleek, rectangular windows.

The fence surrounding the grounds is rust-red, a vivid shade that dominates and unifies. The outer shell is complemented with round, wide-framed windows of various sizes. In order to provide shelter from the sun, most of the windows have awnings, also in red, that can be closed like eyelids.

On the inside, a wooden interior makes the case for nature and softness. panels.

At the centre of one of the long sides, there is a recessed area that does not fit in with the rest: this is the playground, where the children can romp and feel carefree.

The roof is another unique feature of the building, or rather the roofs. Five shed roofs are lined up a bit like a staircase. The roof is equipped with 324 PV-panels.

There are two wide stairways, one on either side of the main entrance, frame the entryway and convey a feeling of sanctuary. The ground floor has a spacious, bright central corridor. To the left and right of the corridor, glass walls delimit the rooms. The surfaces here have been done primarily in wood, which creates a cosy feeling and helps dampen noise.
The building is one of the first completely energy neutral schools in the Netherlands. The double prefab concrete façade in combination with high spaces and predominantly northern light, strongly reduce the warming up of the spaces during daytime. During the nights the room temperature drops in a natural way.




Basisschool De Zeven Zeeën Amsterdam-Noord







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