Rosan Bosch Studio has designed a new holistic learning environment for the KG area at Liceo Europa in Zaragoza, Spain. The dynamic learning environment is designed in detail with a focus on supporting the educational institution’s applied pedagogy ‘Multiple Intelligences’, based on a unique concept design that accommodates children’s need to learn and develop based on a com- bination of different learning styles.

Rosan Bosch Studio has designed challenging custom-made furnishings in different learning zo- nes with room for the individual student to facilitate differentiated learning in a kinder garden, where the physical space is one of the most important tools for educational development.

Instead of a classic classroom setup with desks and chairs, a landscape consisting of a cave in a big mountain, a valley and sand dunes where toys and books can be stored and a desert with exible furnishing now form the setting for many different types of formal and informal learning situations.

Learning through the body with hands-on learning, physical challenge, teamwork and exposure to music and art are just a few of the learning styles considered integral to young children’s education at the school. Generous capacity for these learning styles has been built into the indo- or and outdoor learning environment. By offering overlapping and differentiated learning zones containing areas for knowledge sharing, inspiration and personal challenge, the design supports, develops and engages each young student.

The building t out includes 650 m2, and has a capacity for 200 students in KG. The design concept is a high quality and forward-looking design solution that meets international standards based on a strong visual identity, with reference to the local culture.















Client: Liceo Europa Type: KG (3 – 6 yr.) Status: Built
Year: 2016

Size: 650m2
Scope: full building t out
Facilities: KG classrooms and playground

About Rosan Bosch Studio:

Rosan Bosch Studio is a Copenhagen-based interdisciplinary design agency working in the cross eld between art, design and architecture. The Studio was founded in 2011 by Dutch-born artist Rosan Bosch, who has worked professionally with art, design and architecture for more than twenty years.

We believe that the physical environment that surrounds us in our daily lives has a strong in uence on our everyday wellbeing and development. Our spatial surroundings determine how we
feel, what we experience and learn, and how we meet and interact. Therefore we use interior design as an active tool to create change – whether it comes to urban spaces, schools or work- places.

With a focus on creativity and innovation we convert ideas into physical products and create spaces and environments that make a difference. Our portfolio ranges from art and development projects to total designs and transformations of schools, hospitals, town halls, libraries and pri- vate companies. Rosan Bosch Studio is well know for the design of the Vittra Schools in Sweden, Hjorring Central Library, of ce & meeting-spaces at LEGO Headquarters in Billund, Denmark the award winning exhibition design behind the VELUX Group’s window exhibition Villum Window Collection.

Rosan Bosch has worked with school design for the last 11 years, based on the rm belief that children are born with a natural curiosity and drive to learn and develop themselves and that schools should nurture this drive by teaching them the love of learning.

“The child’s innate whish to learn and develop itself is the most important passion. The challenge is to develop a school design that stimulates and nurtures this drive”. (Rosan Bosch)

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