Jean d’Ormesson Media library


The Jean d’Ormesson media library is Located East, in the Ferté Bernard, Sartre area, set at the heart of the city. It is the new city front door combining tradition and modernity. The 1800m² Media library is situated on the edge of the old town and the river that surrounds it. The architectural design of the library was created in the workshop of Philippe Fichet Architects.

The building has program for two facilities that coming together: a games library and the Médiathèque itself. The Media library is a delicate object built on a circular plan, half of which was cut and horizontally divided into two crushing parts, coming from the ground and transforming the forecourt into a large mirror reminding of the surrounding water.

The accumulation of volumes allows to connect the game library and the Médiathèque as parallel universes. The building’s wrapping is rooted in its own purpose, arrayed with textures, texts and signs, back against reflections and light shades. On this original facade appear texts from famous poets and writers: George Sand, Voltaire, Hegel, A. Conan Doyle, Gustave Flaubert, Balzac, H., Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Moliere, B. Pascal, Johann W. Goethe, Rousseau, and other authors…

M.Fichet Studio called on Dacryl® to manufacture part of the panels of the facade. The building becomes a reflection of its environment and this material combines many technical and aesthetic qualities. This new material, made of recycled elements, is the result of an enriching project : the development of a resistant and modern material thanks to recycled industrial wastes. Casted acrylic is used to bind aluminium chips and offers a second life to industrial wastes. It is as transparent as crystal, brings a special atmosphere inside and outside the building thanks to an innovative and graphic silver inclusion

The facade becomes an artefact that reflects the sun’s rays and provides light and transparency.

Take a look at these photos, it is worth!
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