Her Majesty’s Pleasure, the beauty salon 


Based of a newly occupied condominium building on King Street West in downtown of Toronto, Toronto Design Company + tongtong team made project named Her Majesty’s Pleasure with equal parts of retail boutique, beauty salon, cafe and bar. This process happened with client who was opened for ideas. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is a place for men and women to get pedicures, manicures, and haircuts while enjoying on their choice between lattes, freshly-squeezed juice or craft cocktails.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure opens with the café/bar area. Traveling past the wooden pop up, client arrive in the beauty salon. A long, raised wooden deck lined with deigned chairsmake definition of the pedicure area. Like the retail boutique, the pedicure area, which was designed with an outdoor porch in mind, feels separate of the main area. In other areas patrons sit at the marble bar and while them gets hair done, bartenders serving on the other side.

From architectural aspect space reflects multi-purpose program, blurring the lines between each zone. Company selected light and fresh palette of colors such as light grey, white, charcoal and many blue shades making colorful and cozy atmosphere. At same time custom made graphic pattern floor with grey and blue tiles gives energy to the entire cafe/bar.

At the center of the lounge, geometric copper stools surround a custom-designed table, which is topped with copper and white diamond-shaped tiles. Above the deck, the coved ceiling is painted in a softly and fresh yellow lit with a rafter-like structure assembled over top. The one side of the room consists of a seemingly ornate, yet stripped down, whitewashed bar topped with white marble. A line of geometrically folded copper stools reflect the coved lights under the bar, while across the room, bistro tables and custom-designed grey leather banquet seating with a geometric black steel base and Douglas fir foot rest line the wall. Riffing on the character of the bar, the sideboard features a white tile design with flecks of copper that resemble falling leaves.

The salon  and the bar are mirror images of the other, with identical white enameled steel pendant lights hanging in parallel, like voluptuous earrings complimenting a simple dress.

Total space has sense of refinement and casual elements, senses that provides natural and edgy environment. This pattern creates spaces that are inviting and at same time comfortable, using fashion-forward culture of the neighbourhood.











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