Paprocany lake – remodeled promenade created for enjoyment


This place is simply a convenient place for reflection, for the whole families and individuals or in the evenings it is a space for a dates and fellowship for all generations. Paprocany lake is located in Tychy, Poland. The remodeling of the recreation area around the lake is project of the RS+  Architects.

This project is focused on the creation of a perfect area for recreation and sporting activities. There is interesting wooden promenade that takes about 2ha on the bank and length about 400m. It is complemented with designed benches who can be used for enjoyment or like a tribune for water spots that are organized in the lake. Promenade which alternately meanders along the lake and back on the field connects with pedestrian and bicycle trail. Also there are open places with nets over the water where you can lay on them and relax in the sun. Part of this composition is outdoor gym and new sandy beach.

The materials that are used for the promenade and benches are from softwood.  The designer also is using mineral aggregates and EPDM granules for the gym and biking areas, and construction with steel beams founded in the lake. The hole please is illuminated with energy saving lights.

If you want a real pleasure under the open sky it is time to visit this wonderful place!
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