Roof Window Transformed Into A Small Balcony


It is a big challenge to create and made roof window which can be transformed in to a small balcony bringing the outside world into loft and attic spaces with a design that can go from balcony to closed window. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that some types of roof are not ideally suited for conversion into living space.

Where the vertical space inside a roof is in short supply, the obvious solution is to remove the existing roof structure and replace it with a larger one. ‘Room-in-roof’ trusses can be craned into place to form the shell of a ready-made new loft room, with the insulation placed above the rafters for maximum thermal efficiency.

Very often window can be open in two sections so if you just wanted to let in fresh air without the balcony you could just open the top part of the window as well. Those kind of  windows can be in various finishes.

This types of projects can be a great alternative to the simple attic room windows, adding an original aesthetic touch and literally opening up the space.

What are your thoughts on this window design?
Roof Window 01

Roof Window 02

Roof Window 03

Roof Window 04

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