Small duplex apartment with modern interior design – perfect living space


This spacious, contemporary duplex apartment can be found in a neighborhood called De Waterkant in Cape Town, South Africa. It was designed by a firm called SAOTA. Ever since its early design stages, this abode was envisioned as a luxurious and impressive space that would fit in perfectly with the vibrant and sophisticated lifestyle of De Waterkant.

This modern small apartment and its interior design has elegance, style and innovative solutions which all combined together created incredibly comfortable and luxury looking living space.

From the architect: We have also used every opportunity to maximise clever storage space without compromising the design” commented Michele Rhoda, partner at Antoni Associates. The tables provide storage, the bookshelves act as an installation artwork. Additionally, the furniture was custom designed to ­fit in the available space, ensuring q‑uiddity and circulation.

The interior design is a fusion of modern african graphic and colour and monochromatic minimalist. Its living room boasts breathtaking views of the city and represents a perfect place for socialization and entertainment. Wooden patios can be used for early morning coffee sessions or late night stargazing, but the city can also be admired in its entire splendor from the bedroom. Relax as you sit outside any of the local eateries and sample their freshest food while watching the world go by.

With furniture pieces that were designed specifically for the rooms, this duplex penthouse is very well organized and everything fits wonderfully into place within its walls. The colored walls are simply breath taking as they provide you with a warm, friendly, atmosphere when you require peace.

The brief to the Design Dream Team was to create a sanctuary for these city slickers, and to create a space that captures the ‘Top Billing Chic’ combining contemporary living with high design.













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