Small good looking bathrooms


If you ever thought that the modest size is a barrier to dream of a beautiful and an atmospheric bathroom in the home, think again. If you have good organization plan you can transform small bathroom into a dream.

Most homes have a small bathroom which can give comfortable and intimate feeling. Very often it seams that bathrooms are not places where people can spend quality time, but you can increase that feeling by choosing right designs.

For enlarging visually smaller bathrooms you can put tiles all the way to ceiling or you can add vertical stripes on wall pattern. Smaller mosaic tiles are also good way to visually expand the space, giving the right proportions of the walls. Other way to have more space is to put shower cubicle in bedroom so you will not have that element in your bath.

Every element in small bathroom should fulfill its purpose. Functionality is main key in modeling of small bathrooms. For instance instead of putting in large cabinets you can place your colorful textured towels on open shelving. This will give to bath warm and cozy ambient. You can add some interesting elements like using stylish soap dishes, painting of mirror frame with mighty color or other designer made accessories. Also by entering part of nature, through an interesting selection of decorative herbs in the tiny bathroom ambience you will encourage an open and airy room.

When you will do painting make sure that you choose right pallet of colors. Using neutral colors will bring to your bathroom calm and aesthetical pleasing feeling. White color always associated for cleanliness but by using fine colors you will bring life in that space. For instance light green color can do wonders against pure white and gray background. Also minimalistic wooden tone will elevate a sense of warmth and texture.

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