Songdo House – Combination between Home and Gallery


Located near the coast in Busan City, South Korea, the Songdo House by Architect-K is also named by the whimsical name of as AAWH – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland House. With all its internal twisting alleys and staircases, everyone can see why. It is a modern masterpiece of exposed concrete, volcanic rock, glass and wood. The huge private residence, just under 18,000 sqft, includes a public gallery and redefines interior space with a mass of corridors and staircases.

Songdo House is a project to compose city alleys in a space. A curvy mass naturally extending from the east hill of the site to sea, AAWH joins the city alleys with a residential space.

In accordance with the mass, the main circulations were set on each floor. With combination of open spaces, eight staircases and curving alleyways or corridors, the structure is a synthesis of pine form work with exposed concrete, wood bricks, basalt (volcanic rock) bricks, bamboo and metal panels.

Eight stairs crossing the main circulations and a tube bridge was placed in the mass of space. In this process, spaces emerged and programs were defined. In the mass, alleys and spaces coexist. One can constantly create new routes throughout the home and gallery because of the multiple corridors in the house.

Windows of limited visibility provides new awareness the landscape of the hill and sea.

In AAWH, materials such as exposed concrete, bamboo formwork, pine formwork, wood bricks, basalt bricks and metal panels were used. These materials provide the flow of circulation and highlight the alleys within the structure, defining the individual rooms and purposes. Because the space can be defined by the other elements, architect studio named the building Dependent-Independent Space.
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