The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel with shaped design

The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is with sphere shaped design by the renowned architect Zhang Haoi Ao from Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Company is created to represent a circle, a symbol of a beginning in the traditional Chinese culture.

Kempinski welcomes you to Yanqi Lake, a new haven of tranquility and beauty, with magnificent views of Yanshan Mountain and the Mutianyu Great Wall. Facilities include 306 guestrooms and suites, meeting facilities, spa, recreational and fitness facilities, a Kid’s Club, and an array of culinary offerings at its nine restaurants and bars.

The design rises to a height of 97 meters, with the top of the building reflecting the sky’s colors. The middle portion of the facade mirrors the surrounding mountain range, while the base of the hotel reflects the water’s surface. The building takes on 21 storeys, and its curved shape allows the space to have more than 25% extra of the natural light.

The main structural component for the building combines concrete tubular columns and a concrete core with steel beams. Taken as a whole, the structural components – when wrapped with a curtain wall – give the building its distinctive appearance.

From a side angle view, the hotel building is shaped like a scallop which represents Fortune in the Chinese culture. The front view is that of the “Rising Sun” – symbolic of the fast- developing economy of China.

At night, the whole facade is lit up by hydroelectric LED lights. As part of its connection to nature, the hotel is oriented for ideal views of its surroundings.

Along with symbolizing a connection between humans and nature, another primary design goal for the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel was to provide a supremely comfortable experience through spacious architecture. Public areas have high ceilings to create a sense of space, while hotel rooms are larger than typically found in the area. This grand sense of scale is highlighted in the top-floor lobby, which looks out through the continuous glass façade. Kepminski hotel also houses nine restaurant and bars, with one of them located on the top floor offering magnificent view of the lake.

From a sustainable standpoint, this building offers several design considerations that increase energy efficiency. The building has a combined cooling, heating, and power system that uses natural gas as its main energy source.
The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel with shaped design













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