The Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong


Phase 3 will be finished in 2016 – The Science Park is expected to accommodate over 600 partner companies and around 15,000 engineers, scientists, researchers, technology entrepreneurs and support staff.

The Park has been built based on sustainable building principles.All buildings were designed to capture the most natural light, maximise natural ventilation and minimise solar heat gain to the interior. The development exemplifies the three key environmental concepts of reduction, efficiency and generation, with carbon neutral as the long-term goal of this project.

The Phase 3 development is an exemplary manifestation of the “Back to Basics” principle, where designers started by meticulously scrutinising the site’s natural environment in order to establish the most sustainable design foundation before adding any related energy-saving elements.

The highly insulated solid west facade built with no windows effectively reduces heat absorption; horizontal sun shades stop heat from entering the building directly while maintaining adequate amount of natural lighting into the interiors.

Ventilated courtyards reduce the depth of floor plates and improve penetration of natural light and fresh.Hong Kong Science Park 02 Hong Kong Science Park 05 Hong Kong Science Park 04 Hong Kong Science Park 03 1Hong Kong Science Park 0

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