Villa Ronde – Round Villa with Amazing Exterior Design


Lack of sufficient land in Japan inspired architect to do their best in designing on limited place. Right example is amazing Villa Ronde designed by Ciel Rouge near Tokyo which was build like coastal house with garden above located on hillside.It seems that villa is growing from hill in which air system circulate to ventilate permanently the house. The building takes the same color from the rocks as it was emerging in the green. This complex is created with private museum, guest house and area for recreation with lounge in the center of the plan. It is thought as a wide free organic space where each room can be closed or in continuity to each other around a patio making like a huge gallery or a wondering house.

Everything is notion for the best thermal natural proportion with a double facade for protecting from sun and winds and the roof is covered by 30 cm of earth including a watering system. Photovoltaic and thermal solar panel give away self sufficient energy with its inner courtyard makes this a natural convection with architecture of environment.

Close contact with sea creates breathtaking view. Shape of this villa is not only for aesthetic satisfaction, but also for protection from strong winds typical for the coast of Japan. On other hand green roof creates natural feeling of this amazing project united with nature. The round exterior with ellipse holes make it looks more amazing.

Total project represent the fulfillment of all necessary functional demands arising from the location itself and at same time satisfying men taste in every sense of architecture and exterior design.

This magnificent building will take your breath away.

Villa Ronde 03

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