Wonderful ideas for the kitchen wall – when the ceramic tiles became boring


Ceramic tiles are almost indispensable element in any kitchen and with good reason – the possibilities are very wide. But those are not the only solution. There are several alternatives for kitchen walls that these rooms will shine a touch of originality and imagination. However, we must also take care that the coverings of the wall between the working surface and wall elements must be made of such materials and finishes that allow easy maintenance and cleaning.

One of the most popular alternatives to conventional tiles is the Glass coverings. The possibilities are almost unlimited – you can choose the glass color or it can be transparent. If you have transparent glass covering, you can decorate a wall with the paint, wallpaper or in any other way. If you want a unique version, it is possible to make a unique tailor-made to your kitchen or to your taste.

Marble is a popular choice for luxury kitchen backsplashes and walls. If you are a fan of white interior, an interesting alternative to the usual white tile in the kitchen is certainly a marble – whether it is a real or imitation, will provide an interesting departure from the classic white kitchen.

Any type of plywood can be laminated to become more resistant to moisture and cleaning. If you want to match the color of kitchen cabinets and the wall covering, the elements can be in plywood, and the wall covering element at the kitchen wall can be also with waterproof laminated plywood.

Stainless steel material will give any kitchen a bit industrial look and is easy to maintain and clean.

Take a look at these wonderful backsplash ideas how will inspire you to do your own projects with your own personal signature!
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